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Across the country, utilities have started to introduce time-of-use (TOU) electricity rates – new rate structures that differ from a traditional flat rate, with the cost of energy use varying based on the day, time and season. Currently, about...
Just a few short weeks ago, a report that Los Angeles is home to some of the cleanest air of any major city in the world would have seemed nearly impossible. However, against all odds and amidst mandatory lockdowns and shelter in place orders due...
When people think of electric cars they generally think of the futuristic, battery-powered offerings of the last decade, however, the first electric vehicles were a far cry from the technological marvels of today. Here is a brief overview of the...
The economic and public health impacts currently being experienced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic are historic on a global scale, and the situation presents a disruption in our daily routines that is unprecedented in modern life. The...
Before making the decision to purchase an electric car, most buyers will come across information about electric vehicle tax incentives during the pre-purchase research process. This incentive programs is intended to help subsidize the higher...